The rates-of-WhatsApp-SIM: there’s now a better condition for the same price


So, now that you’ve got the WhatsAll a Rate of 3000 units per 10 euro. Even though the price remains the same, so as to achieve new and existing customers now have 4,000 units that are available. How to use the volume, and it is up to you. Those who browse a lot and rarely on the phone, or text messages, you can use a total of 4,000 units, such as the volume of data for Surfing. The 4,000 units are automatically set to 4 GB, the volume of data. With surf speed of up to 21.6 Mbit/s, however, they are not very fast, and after it, the speed is limited to 56 kbit/s For SMS and phone calls for € 0.09 per SMS text message or the Minutes, to be then due and payable.

For those of you who would prefer the weather to him or her, you may want to divide the volume of 4,000 units, but it is also different. Instead of using the entire volume as the volume of data that you can use, for example, less than 3,000 units of up to 3 GB for Surfing. The remainder of 1.00 units, then it can be used up to 1,000 free minutes or Free SMS in your own head. The layout is completely flexible, it can finish the Pre-paid, post-paid, on a monthly basis at any point in time.

The Council of the european union, are also Mobile and you can use WhatsApp without Wi-Fi, data, volume, and balance. As a balance, there are also 5 Euro on top of it. As for the plans, Pre-paid, in the usual way, is also established here, in a 4-week cycle. 10 Euro is, therefore, not in a month, but four weeks is required.