The release in Germany? ⊂·⊃


12. March to introduce Xiaomi to be the Redmi Note, the 9 in India. Twitter Posts shows some of the concept images, and a display module of the camera of the middle class Smartphones. There will be a new Redmi in Germany?

Xiaomi has become one of the leading manufacturers of Smartphones in the global market. Especially in India, and the Redmi series is the company in china and enjoys great popularity.

Thus, it is not surprising that Xiaomi has enter to be the Redmi Note, 9, as a first in India. A Tweet by the Global VP of Xiaomi, and MD for Xiaomi in India, according to the Release, at 12. In march 2020, in order to take place. In addition to an imaging module of the camera of the Redmi Note, 9 of the Tweet contains some information about the Device.

Redmi Note, 9 is a camera with four lenses

So, Xiaomi is the Redmi Note, 9 and, of course, a camera with four lenses. The Chinese manufacturers are placed at the bottom of the module. For additional information, such as the Hashtag “#procamera maxperformance” is a powerful camera equipment.

In another Tweet, it shows an alleged picture of the concept of the Xiaomi Note 9, the camera module corresponding to the first image. On the Front of your Redmi Note, 9, it is shown to be a virtually borderless Screen and it packs a Punch-Hole or a camera in the upper-left corner of the screen.

The image on the back side of the smartphone, the number is rounded to the edges, which should make it comfortable in the Hand. Similar to the Design of the Redmi Note 8 To the Pro.

The Tweet shows off the alleged Live image of the Redmi Note, 9, Pro

In a third Tweet, 9TechEleven is presented to an alleged live image of the Xiaomi Note 9-Pro-Concept-Phones. It looks like the actual implementation of the concept of the image in the second Tweet. To the extent that it is the Redmi Note, the 9 is the same as that of the Redmi Note, 9 Of the Pro perspective, we do not know for sure. Other features of Note 9, as well as the price that we have at the moment is still unknown.

At the time of its Redmi series, Xiaomi’s devices, from entry-level and middle-class area that has been highlighted up to now by an excellent price-performance ratio. Thus, we can conclude that the price of the Redmi Note, the 9 is likely to be moderate.

We also have the Redmi Note, 9?

The price and the features you should, at the earliest, the 12. In march it is not a secret any more. Maybe you can learn also, whether, and under what name, the Redmi Note, 9 comes out for us. For the sake of Germany, to Launch, the talk is not so far – following on from the success of the Redmi Note, the 7 of us waiting, though. Because the 2019 landed on space 6 of the most popular Smartphones in the world.

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