the result between touch-ups, diets and abdominal


Natti Natasha is a woman very careful of their physical. The singer Latin american is in his physical one of their big obsessions. And at all levels.

The it girl of the Dominican Republic has gone under the knife on numerous occasions. Say so in the american press, and so it follows from the comparisons that circulate on the network. In ElDesmaque we’ve echoed it on several occasions.

To do this Natti it adds all sorts of cosmetics, make-up artists, which minimizes any unexpected deficiency, such as dark circles or pimples. And also masks for the hair.

Natti Natasha boasts physical

In addition, you typically resort to combinations of clothing of those who pronounce their virtues. Tight-fitting garments and light that rise and leave the view part of its charms. Of those that do forget any, if on any occasion there was not enough talent for the music.

Natti Natasha
Natti Natasha

But at the margin of the tricks to use, it is also noted that Natasha made quite a few sacrifices to keep the shape. The singer follows a diet that is balanced in that there is not one calorie more.

And if you have it, no problem. The dr has no problems getting into the gym to exercise and get in form. And not only to be able to show off a figure profiled and shocking. Also to keep up with the pace of life and not to fail on stage. Because Natti is one of those who gives everything on the stage.

So looks abdominal Natti Natasha

If there is still someone who doubts that a large part of the physical state of Natasha must be the exercise that you perform, here is a snapshot on which to appreciate the spectacular abs that holds.

A snapshot that, in addition, was published in one of the accounts of its fans, which eliminates the suspicion that Natti the has been touched up with Photoshopas it has done on occasions Jennifer Lopez.