The shocking photo of the feet of Belén Esteban that warns of a serious health problem


belén esteban face

04 march 2020
(11:40 CET)

Belén Esteban is back in the spotlight for the umpteenth time. Last summer the put them out of Save me for the remarkable decline of audiences when she granted an exclusive, as the day of her wedding with Miguel Marcos. However, the Paracuellos has lifted chest and has demonstrated that it knows how to do television. In all these months has gotten to be news every day, either for a confrontation or another. The most recent Sofia Suescun.

However, the tragic and unexpected death of Fran Alvarez the stood again in the limelight. It disappeared for two weeks to prevent of this form to be asked by your former spouse. These last few days Janeiro have become to be rigorous now. All by the health status of Humberto Janeiro and the bad relationship it might have with some members.

The collaborators of the space do not hesitate to ask Belén Esteban, but this, angrymakes it clear that it has already passed page. She lives another life and is very happy. In addition, he stresses that he promised to your daughter, Andrea that would not speak never more of anything related to that family, or even put it in the center of the controversy.

The tertuliana is focused on his new business project and staff. On the one hand is determined to be a mother for the second time with Miguel Marcos, though of time of pregnancy nothing. That’s why you prefer to talk about their business. Madrid has released a scented candles. In its publications, advertising his followers have been set in the horror of their feet.

The legs of Belén Esteban are punished. If one is fixed in the feet, we realize that you will see the veins, some tripe and a color that is not very nice. We will agree that the shoes chosen are not favor too, giving a glimpse of the toes of the feet medium sausage. “The feet reveal your age” or “although the mona dress of silk, monkey remains,” they write hard in the nets.