The shortest skirt of Jennifer Lopez what lets you see everything going down the stairs


04 march 2020
(10:20 CET)

Jennifer Lopez is a woman who loves to show off hot body. The artist american tends to do so often in publications that rises to your account Instagram.

Keep a tipazo and a state of the form as theirs, the 50 years and after you have given birth to twins is no easy task. And she knows it.

On the one hand, made serious sacrifices in power. The new york follows a healthy and balanced diet in which do not fit the fats and fried foods. In addition, a balanced diet and healthy and the gym hours don’t remove anyone Jennifer. An effort that few are willing to follow to the letter.

Jennifer Lopez boasts tipazo

That’s why, when he has the chance, JLo brings out its charms. And what to do with publications like the one below, in which the diva from the Bronx appears posing and showing off type worked and profiling.

However, sometimes the intentions of the singer did not go through to show their profiled body. Or refined that has some areas of the same. Sometimes it happens that a ball ends up as less wish, and that happened to JLo recently.

The neglect of Jennifer Lopez

So you can see in the images contained in the following post, which caught Jennifer about to fall down the stairs with a dress very short, which leaves the sight of the muscular and worked out that it has the legs. The question that attacks us now is: was it an oversight or a provocation?

The publication has been published by one of his fans in one of the hundreds of accounts that exist in the social network dedicated to the artist. Attention to the photos.