The song in the YouTube video for the Android ™ mobile a New Player, it is distributed


The YouTube Music is just on the way to a very adult, streaming music, and it is intended to replace, in the short-and long-Google-Play-Music. At this time, Google has begun to replace the screen when a video is playing, the current through the the revised. With this Change, you will land on the users of the App.

As you can see on the Screen is always a Button to Switch between Video and Audio playback, and the easier modes of Play, switching back and forth. In addition to this, there is at the bottom is a Button that displays a list of the upcoming Songs in the Queue, and it will take you to the lyrics – if available.

For the user, it also makes it easier for the Shuffle-or Repeat-function. Up to now, has hidden Buttons on the options bar, they are put in the spotlight next to the playback controls. The new Version will be distributed via a server-side Modification, to the user, so it may take a little while, until it All comes to you. Make sure that you use the latest Version of the Application.