The Sony PlayStation 2. it is now 20 years old


Amazing how time flies: Today, at Sony’s PlayStation 2, on the day exactly 20 years of age and older. They came out on the 4th. In March of 2000, and for the first time in Japan. In Europe, you have to wait for it at the time, inconceivable to us today, and so much more. Because, in our latitudes, the console will only come in the 24-hour day. In November of 2000, at the market. It is on the PS2 the best selling console of all time. More than 155 million records worldwide, Sony is all over the world.

As we know it today, could Sony then follow up the huge success of the PS2 with the PS4 again. The PS3 stumbles to the Release, due to its high price tag. In particular, since the development of the third Generation of consoles, Sony is going to be very, very difficult to have been. However, the PS3 came out, in the long term, and it was taking him to the end of the beginning Xbox 360 the Microsoft all over the world in the number of sales only to have to overcome.

But, back to the nes, the 2: And Ironically, it’s the only console from Sony, the PSP, the time, and I knew it. The PS2 was competing against at the time, Yes, directly with the first Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube. I was a PC Gamer and the price of the high courts, then to the GameCube controller, and play, among other things, the first of an exclusive “Resident Evil 4” and “The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker”.

Many of the Franchises on the PS2, in the beginning, the Player to the delight of the now – over-the “God of war” or “Kingdom Hearts”. In addition to this, the system will also go a stray, it is, of course, because of the length of the burner and in a lot of families, “SingStar party”! I know a lot of people who have a PS2 shot, in the time convenient for you to organize with your friends at a Karaoke party.

As well as a DVD Player, PlayStation 2, entering, initially, in a lot of families, that reminds us of the stickers on the various Dvd’s, which refers to the fact that it’s the new fashion, the Discs in the console, they are playable? The technical data is to read it in a day, and it is, of course, is almost unique. Thus, the CPU (the”Emotion Engine came from), and then, with a 300 megahertz (MHz). A fabulous 32 MB of RAM, and a whopping 4 MB of Video RAM, they were on Board. A Standard hard disk drive is non-existent. The GPU has been clocked at 150 MHz.

Today, mobile devices are much more powerful than the PS2. Sony’s Console was at the time, but in terms of performance is still significantly behind Microsoft’s Xbox, which, however, appeared only at the end of 2001, and for the first time in the United States and in Europe, and then, in March, 2002, has arrived. In spite of the high-performance, the company from Redmond could break Sony’s domination, but never mind, we are nibbling at, and then, too, especially in Europe and Japan up to the present day.

By the end of 2020, the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series, X. appear to Me to be of interest to both consoles immensely, so that in the long run, in any case, both of them walking back to the living room. Both of them should be backwards compatible to the PS2 games, which you can get on the wii right Now. What does it look like to you? You are obsessed with the PlayStation 2 at the time? What are the games that are your favorites?