There’s a reason for that Cardi B and Offset they kiss in a weird way on the red carpet


4 October 2019

When you tread along a red carpet, Cardi B and Offset they have a way around them to kiss each other.

Perhaps you noticed because it’s happened on several red carpet events from the Grammys to the Billboard: the rapper and the husband is not touching the lips, but pulled out of the languages so that they touch between them.

Easier to see that to describe it, here they are at the Grammy 2019:

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To The Billboard Awards 2019:

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Sure, Cardi B is a type of the original, but if you’re thinking that this strange kiss is only a fancy, in fact the rapper has just provided a reason very concrete.

During an interview, Ellen DeGeneres managed to take this pebble from the shoe, asking directly to the live concerned because she and her husband kiss on the red carpet.

It is all a strategy to keep the makeup and not leave it on Offset: “Sometimes when they are dressed up, all that lip gloss and the foundation ends up on his face and it seems to have eaten a doughnut or I don’t know what!“said the 26-year-old, direct as always!

Cardi B and Offset they were married in secret in September 2017, and they have a daughter together, Kulture. Last December they had left but they were found at the beginning of 2019.

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