These are the prices and the Availability


The company was in the CES In 2020 the new OLED TV is in the bag. For the first time, and it also comes with an OLED display on the market, which is 48 inches (about 122 cm) that is smaller than the previous, and 55-inch models. The other Tvs are available in sizes up to 77 inches (nearly 2 meters) is available. Also new is “the WAY” is the so-called “Honor series”, with a depth of about 2 inches, when using “WX”, and the wafer-thin, but it is not only the cheaper models of paper to the Wall.

While the series of the same TYPE and rating-as seen in the last year for the B series, it is still not there are the details, followed by an Overview of prices for the remainder of the DISPLAY line-up by 2020, and the availability of data. It starts at about 1800 euros the PRICE, as long as you have to pay for the roll-up or a Top model for a mere € 60,000. Those of you who are already in the year 2019, in a CES shown to be, for the price it is called, but there is no date of availability.

To do this-driven models (C-series) for Alpha-9 3-KI-the Generation of the processor, that is, a task such as Upscaling, by means of a Deep-Learning Algorithms. Also, in a new way, with on-Board Dolby Vision, IQ, and the film-the fashion has become. Celebrating its world Premiere is one that is used for HGiG (HDR-Game-of-Group-of-Interest), that the action of the game with dynamic range (HDR) support is intended to benefit from it. The players should also be interesting, now that more of the models (11 in number, that is compatible with Nvidia’s G-Sync, resulting in a variable Refresh Rate up to 120 Hz response time on the TV.

All of the models support Apple AirPlay, 2, and HomeKit for me, at this moment, a Regret that brings it to the other older models. In the introduction to the market, and it also has an App for the Apple TV+ Disney+ from the very Beginning. Support for the Apple TV+ get-2019 models, as we all know that, here at least, the 2018 models should be, in the course of the year to date. A bit of a shame as it is mentioned in the my 2017 to get here, once again, to the outside world.

We have to come up with a general Overview of the prices and the availability of, and the first models are already at the start of the next calendar month, in trade, with more to follow in may. As soon as we have information on with the BX series, we will, of course, you know that.

The name of the productavailablePrice (PRICE in Euro)
OLED65RX9LAthere is still no information59.999 Euro
OLED65WX9LAApril 20204.999 €
OLED77GX9LAMay 2020For € 7,999
OLED65GX9LAApril 20203.999 €
OLED55GX9LAApril 2020To $ 2,499
OLED77CX9LAMay 20206.999 Euro
OLED65CX9LAApril 20203.099 Euro
OLED55CX9LAApril 20202.299 euros
OLED48CX9LBMay 20201.799 Euro