These pictures are from Google, the Pixel 4a of the show


From China, pictures of the Google Pixel is the 4th leak today, at least, if it is to be seen on the device. As always, these images are, of course, with a bit of care so you can enjoy it because of the authenticity, it is difficult to assess. So you see, not only the front of the screen, but on the back it is.

The Google Pixel, the 4th is to be a middle-class Smartphone, with 5.81 inches (14,76 inches), and a fingerprint scanner on the back. Wireless charging is not support and the housing is only plastic. As for the dimensions, 144,2 x 69.5 x 8.2 mm thick in the room.

On the front you can see in the image above, at left, Punch-Hole camera on the screen. If not, you can infer from this that there is basically very little. Also the rear looks not very spectacular, but at least by Design, is difficult. In addition to this, the images overlap with the earlier progress of the fire.

However, the camera on the hill is that the white model has a slightly strange impression, and maybe the Photoshop was not the case, then it is in the works? In general, the quality of the images is quite prominent, so that it is the truth, to judge difficult.

In addition, all the sides of the pixels 4a have been previously documented in the photos. The official announcement of the smartphone is waiting for us, supposedly, in may, in the year 2020. From the factory, and it is, of course, is not a modified Android, to 10, must be pre-installed on it. In addition, it is expected that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730, as a Government, at times, but he was brought back to the 765 in that conversation.

As additional features 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage (non-expandable) in the room. The main chamber must operate with a 12.2 mega-pixel. Also, in an Audio Port of 3.5 mm is available, which you can see in the pictures. We are going to wait for him.