Thor: Love and Thunder, Jennifer Lawrence a villain could be?


Thor: Love and Thunder, the actress Jennifer Lawrence in the role of a nasty villain could have between the two protagonists.





Thor: Love and Thunder could Jennifer Lawrence in the role of the villain in the new cinecomic directed by Taika Waititiaccording to the rumors, which appeared online.

The actress and Oscar would have been, as of the production of the film for the role of Amora the enchantress, a character with magical powers and one of the strongest of the fummetti Marvel. The party, which mandated could be in Thor: Love and Thunder Jennifer Lawrence, in between the pages also has to do with Loki and has the ability to manipulate and seduce, the other to one of the most feared enemy of Thor. Amora, also, you could jeopardize the relationship between the son of Odin and Jane Foster will be in the world of cinecomic Marvel.

The actress, however, is already the star of the saga is devoted to the X-and hinder a possible setting could be Men, even if for now there is no reliable knowledge about the casting of Thor: Love and Thunder.
The film, arriving in salt in 2021, will be directed by Taika Waititi and now the protagonists are Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Tessa Thompson in the part of “Valkyrie” are – premiere.

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