Twitch, Pokimane becomes Ariana Grande version gamer girl in a cosplay that makes crazy the network


The famous streamer Twitch Imane ‘Pokimane‘Anys has thrilled his fans by posting on its social channels of the photo of her dressed in a Ariana Grande version of gamer girl. The cosplay came out so well that he earned a nickname: Pokiana Great. Brrr.

Pokimane is the streamer and the most beloved to Twitch, as well as a influencers full-blown on Twitter and Instagram, with respectively two million and five million followers. The court decided unanimously that his cosplay Ariana Grande is the best that has ever been made, and is paying great honor everywhere.

In fact, with the ponytail, the makeup and the right clothes, the similarity between Pokimane and Ariana Grande is remarkable. On Instagram the photo has received over 750,000 likes in just over five hours, while on Twitter has more than 135,000 likes. The dream of every teen of the era of social.

Of course, this news does not make much sense, if we take it as such. But considering that it is now clear that the coronavirus not to exterminate the whole of humanity we will have to do something to stimulate the arrival of the famous asteroid, isn’t it? The dogs that sniff the private parts and the streamer mistaken for prostitutes it is not sufficient. Joking, of course.