Video medley of Ariana Grande at the Grammy Awards 2020 7 Rings


Has brought home awards in front of four nominations, obtained for the album ThanK U, Next, and its individual, but Ariana Grande at the Grammy Awards 2020 has developed one of the performance visually (but not audibly) the most impressive of the evening, making peace with the organization and the Recording Academy.

Last year, when she was nominated for the album Sweetener, had refused to perform during the awards ceremony with a song different from the 7 Ringsand , considering the requests of the producers is offensive and detrimental to his creativity. This time, everything went smooth and the disagreement has been exceeded, since not only the song was nominated in this edition, number 62 of the prizes, but it was also performed in the context of the medley, as proposed by Ariana Grande at the Grammy 2020.

Grammy nominations 2020

Nominated in the categories of Music of the Year and Pop vocal Performance for a Solo for 7 Rings, in the meantime, it was also reached by plagiarism accusations for which they must express themselves to the court, the Great was in the running for Album of the year with Thank U, Next,for a total of 5 nominations, they blow the prizes to be Usable and, above all, Billie Eilish, who designed the firm triumph in 4 main categories.

The medley of Ariana Grande at the Grammy Awards 2020

The Great, however, was the protagonist of the evening, before appearing on the red carpet with a voluminous grey dress, tulle Giambattista Valli, accompanied by the father and by the mother, then with his live performance.

The medley of Ariana Grande at the Grammy 2020 is party to an elegant exhibition on the notes of Imagine with the accompaniment of a small orchestra of string instruments, with which he also sang a snippet of My Favorite Thing. Then, the pop star has wanted to re-create the provocative clip 7 ringsperforming in a setting that reproduces a bedroom and a slumber party, surrounded by 15 dancers, all women, to recall the meaning of the song and the setting of the video. Finally, almost overwhelmed by the breath, for they had sung and danced together, sang an extract of Thank U, Next,a single it was proposed to sing the last year, and that the pop star has refused to bring to the stage because the intention not to yield to the censorship of the single 7 Rings. Between the choreography and costume changes in the scene, here is the performance of Ariana Grande at the Grammy 2020that marks the peace made with the organizers.

The reaction to the victory of Billie Eilish

Ariana Grande was given to favored by Variety – whose predictions usually turn out exact – as the winner of the category which is most coveted, that of Album of the Year. Instead, the poker of Billie Eilish has swept the entire competition: the eighteen-year-old has had a thought for the colleague picking up the award for When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?when the stage he declared that he would have to win it Thank U, Next, of the Great: “Your album has helped me to overcome a moment very bad, and I think they deserved the victory more than any other” said the Eilish in his acceptance speech, while Ariana Grande was coy in the audience and encourage them to enjoy the well-deserved victory.