WhatsApp-the-Dark fashion: the Chat App to get the most requested feature


He thought of it it is already more than a year or two agoit is now official: Like many of the other popular programs are also in a Chat during this week, a so-called Dark Mode. The Chat is in English, the “dark” mode, it’s called, it comes with a promise to reduce eye strain in dark environments. “We also wish to prevent unpleasant situations in your mobile phone in a dark room as a bright light that affect it,” says the Facebook subsidiary of the company, a notice of the release, and the parts that are suitable for use in a promotional video on the use of the mobile phone on the bed. In the Chat, based on how dark it was asked about the “most requested” feature for the Chat Application.

To activate your new Android phone 10, iOS or 13 directly to the system settings of the smartphone, you you you you you can. At the level of the system, since it has a dark mode for the Smartphone’s operating system is activated, it switches to the dark mode in the Chat are supposed to do on your own. In versions of Android up to Android-9, on the other hand, it applies the settings inside of WhatsApp to call it that. Don’t you just go to the “Chats” and then click on the “look and feel”, and then “Dark”.

Then, it is presented primarily in Black-and-White, – grey, with the usual Chat-it is the Green to be completely lost. Of WhatsApp, he writes, in comparison with the Standard of Design set, dark in colour, according to the standard of the iphone and Android-based devices. In addition to this, you have to try to make the important information stand out.

The dark mode is meant to be introduced “in the coming days,” the latest Version of WhatsApp is that the application notice to you. In a device for testing the POWER with the Android, 9. the Design-Option to “Dark” on Wednesday morning, but has already selected for you.