Windows 10: the start menu is revamped, the Live Tiles-stay (for now)


Microsoft updates the look of Windows 10, in addition to this, it has been known that it is not in accordance with the prior to the Live Tiles on the start menu. These interactive pieces are not disappearing and we had to move back to the Bottom.

The Live Tiles on the start menu, then go to your Smartphone-the times of Microsoft, for example, a Windows Phone, then back on, it never really caught on. Anyone who has ever tried to, you know, that is the value that is in use in the Workplace is limited. For a Smartphone, it may be useful to be able to get a quick overview of the information “will be moved”. From the start menu, however, it is usually only a few seconds to search for a program and then open it.

Accordingly, it is an open secret that the company from Redmond, it would be to strip away the parts of the Live-in lover again. This is due to the fact that the animated tiles on the match of the new Icons, its distribution, and has recently launched the Microsoft. This is a prelude to a Windows 10 X, which is the reason why it becomes more and more time thinking about how to display the entire menu.

The Windows 10 Start Menu 2020So, in the start menu, you could…
The Windows 10 Start Menu 2020…look like in the future

Just the siding on the

In the context of the Windows Insider Calls it (via PC World) – Microsoft has now shown the various options, what do you think of the start menu, or you could think of. Do you want to unify this to be an important Element of the Interface,” Mike LaJoie, one of the Icon Designer for the Windows Team.

This is not to say, however, that all the blocks are gone, noted Brandon LeBlanc: “All those who make use of the Live Tiles, you’ll be able to do so in the future.” In general, the look and feel of the start menu will be customizable, users will have more control over your Layouts. This includes, for example, if you want a dark or light Theme.

You will have Tiles for all – in any order – activate. Is not going to be expanded in the Feature, but it’s certainly. So, don’t be surprised if they disappear sooner rather than later.

Microsoft, Windows, Windows 10, The Design, Interface, Ui, User, Interface, Ui, User Interface

Microsoft, Windows, Windows 10, The Design, Interface, Ui, User, Interface, Ui, User Interface
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