With Smart light bulbs and switches is reduced


Bargain time for all the Fans of a more intelligent lighting, IKEA has some of their cheap Trådfri products is greatly reduced. We are going to tell you where you can save.

Image source: IKEA

In recent years, IKEA is doing with its smart status of the Trådfri number to the square Hirschen of Philips Hue competitors. As for the Tint, you can come up with a wide range of quality products and the best in the light of their lamps, is designed to IKEA, especially for the price.

The lamps and switches on an IKEA Trådfri-line, they are significantly less expensive than the competition, and in any other place, it’s a Smart-Home, Interested in the entry, making it easy to do. Or the extension, because it Trådfri light sources can be easily integrated into a Cast System. Those who do not have the Cast in question individually or as a Set in the Gateway to the whole of the lighting control system, either through the App or by means of a control (Siri/Homekit, Alexa, Google language.

IKEA Trådfri cheaper in These lights and Assemblies are all on offer

Today, IKEA has many Trådfri solutions to be reduced in price even more-even online. Here are the prices at a Glance:

TRÅDFRI Set with remote control-white spectrum, 1000 lm, 2700K, E27 19.99 Eur at the time 24,99 €Lamp is adjustable and can be adapted to the heat. The Set also has a remote control to control the brightness. The remote control is magnetic and can also be used as a support for a wall, or placed out of it.

TRÅDFRI, LED light bulb, E27 base, 1000 lm-opal white $ 12.99 at the time 14,99 €: Light sources are very bright, which is a classic-72-W-light. It can be dimmed and the color of the light to 2200 Kelvin (warm summer) – 4000 Kelvin (cool white) to be adjusted.

TRÅDFRI LED down light, led bulb E27, 806 lm, of course, to $ 12.99 at the time 14,99 €: This corresponds approximately to a 60 W light bulb. It can be dimmed and the color of the light to 2200 Kelvin (warm summer) – 4000 Kelvin (cool white) to be adjusted.

Cheap Trådfri products

Even if you are not currently at a reduced price, this offers a very attractive price:

  • TRÅDFRI Conjunction with a Dimmer, E27 base, for a 10 Euro: Lamps plus Dimmer as it is a cost-friendly entry into the “smart” lighting
  • TRÅDFRI of LED bulbs, E27 socket, up to 600 lm, stained for 19.99 Eur: Light bulb, in which, in addition to the brightness, also the color can be set
  • TRÅDFRI of LED bulbs, E27 base, “Filaments of light”, 250 ml 9,99 €:- Warm, not-too-bright light, and it becomes a cozy mood
  • TRÅDFRI high power LED light, GU10, 400 lm, for 7,99 €Location of the led Spot lamp is a classic-57-W led
  • TRÅDFRI Conjunction with the Gateway, E27 socket, color 74,99 €To set the Gateway, Dimmer, and up to 2 E27 light bulbs with a clear color choice.
  • All of the Trådfri of the product, and other smart lighting on the big picture

The order and delivery charges

The lower orders will not be shipped to IKEA, good delivery, but DHL as the shipping costs, you have to take into account for 3,90€. As soon as you pay for grouping the various items in it.