Without modesty, Rosalia posed bathing without clothes! The tub was on the balcony!


The reggaetonera Rosalia showed off her shiny skin to the natural with a few photos for the infarction. First, who has a bathtub in your balcony? and two, how can you be so perfect?

Rosalia showed makes a few hours of his talent to captivate the attention of their fans.

First, his music, an unbeatable combination of reggaeton and flamenco, and second, your beauty and fashion styles that are innovative, have gained thousands of fans and likes on social networks.

Rosalie has her big musical hit called “Height”.

But this is another world: it is leaked on the internet two photos where Rosalia looks towards the camera, in the comfort of your home.

Not on a couch, or your bed, even in the pool of his mansion. Did you know that now it is customary to bathe on the balcony?

As you can see, Rosalie is enjoying a time of rélax in her bathtub, which is located in the balcony of his house and not in a conventional bathroom.

The singer is beautiful and it shows you have no shame, although from far away to see the sea and, therefore, any tourist and/or neighbor you can see. She is a goddess!