You searched for! The face of Nicky Jam seeing that his bride Cyndi Moreau is mocked


The new bride’s reggaetonero Nicky Jam, Cyndi Moreau, made an action very criticized by the fans of the singer: he mocked him in the following way and this was the expression on his face. Check out the video!

The age difference in the couple’s singer Nicky Jam and the model Cyndi Moreau has always given that talk.

In good or bad way, the bride and groom aren’t that interested in the opinion of the haters and the media, even more so when they are already committed. We will have a wedding very soon!

Nicky Jam and Cyndi Moreau are committed.

But apparently, in something yes they are right: Cyndi Moreau has the attitudes of a young girl of 24 years old, and therefore, were filmed doing this to Nicky Jam ¡who does not seemed to like it a lot!

Cyndi Moreau fiddled with the filters of instagram and one of the he used was to put tattoos small on the face, compared with those who have a partner.

Nicky Jam not mused smile with the recording, while watching quietly to his girlfriend. What was holding the laughter or he really disliked the situation so childish?