6 movies to save Paul W. S. Anderson of ‘Resident Evil’ to ‘Horizon final’


Born in 1965 in the Uk, it would be in the year 1994, when Paul W. S. Anderson will sign his first work as a filmmaker. Passionate about video games, soon it would begin to make clear their fascination with science fiction and the drift towards terror, something that ended up being, in 2002, of the hand of Milla Jovovich and ‘Resident Evil’.

Known until then as Paul Anderson, with the release of the title based on the game Capcom would add the W. S. to his artistic name and started also the idyll (artistic and professional) with Jovovich, the actress who would end up turned his wife, muse and mother of his three children. In this special, we a selection of the best in his filmographyeven knowing that in his career did not proliferate to the masterpieces.

Mortal Kombat

Career spot

After more than twenty years of experienceand having turned into a filmmaker of some renown within the context of the directors of blockbusters of the genre more mainstream, Anderson has built up his resume with credits in both the direction and the script and the production, being the titles that are still reminding yourself of your career ‘Mortal Kombat’, ‘Alien vs. Predator’ or ‘The death race’, in addition to the above-mentioned foray into the cinema of zombies.

6 movies to save Paul W. S. Anderson

5 ‘Alien vs. Predator’

There is that go back to 1989 to find out the origin of ‘Alien vs. Predator’, as the clash between two ruthless alien races originated in the wake of the publication of a comic, whose idea of taking him to the cinema would start to take shape in the early nineties.

Finally, it was Paul W. S. Anderson, who ended up getting the title of director to carry out the film, since it was his idea (in the eyes of one of the producers) something like ‘Shark’ with aliens. At least, and without resorting neither to be the shadow of the film of Spielberg, we were finally able to see the long-awaited confrontation that would serve as a crossover for the prolific sagas ‘Predator’ and ‘Alien’.

Alien vs. Predator in eCartelera

4 ‘Soldier’

Written by David Webb Peoples, screenwriter of ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Lady Hawk’, ‘Without forgiveness’ (for which he was Oscar-nominated) and ‘Twelve monkeys’, in 1998, Paul W. S. Anderson premiered his fourth feature film as director, ‘Soldier’.

By way of dystopia, its history led us to a distant future where humanity has transformed its society in a intended for combat, choosing your soldiers from the moment of his birth, who after exploit to the maximum, leave on a colony on earth. Hence they themselves will fight for their own survival, being the protagonist of this adventure, Todd 3465, who gave life, Kurt Russell.

3 ‘The death race’

With Roger Corman as one of the executive producers, in 2008 came ‘The death race’, the remake of ‘death race 2000’ starring David carradine to star it in 1975.

In this example of B-series up to the top of anabolic, Jason Statham heads the cast of a story that took us up to a future where the prison system has become a lucrative business television the overcrowding in prisons: making a selection of prisoners fight to death in a race transformed into one of the television shows most watched of the moment.

The death race in eCartelera

2 ‘Resident Evil’

It was in the year 2002 when they premiered the first installment of ‘Resident Evil’, with which Anderson got the fans of horror and fans of the original video game in the pocket thanks to the perfect combination between action and horror that was that first film-making venture.

Milla Jovovich got into the skin of Alice, a woman desmemoriada whose destiny will intersect with the plans of the Corporation Umbrella, which has unleashed terror in one of its facilities, which goes a rescue team. Soon, they discover that the dead have returned to life. Michelle Rodriguez, Eric Mabius, and James Purefoy joined the actress in the first adventure of a series that would exploit to the maximum until the year 2016.

Resident Evil in eCartelera

1 ‘Horizon final’

Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill and Joely Richardson starred in the 1998 ‘Horizon final’, one of the titles of terror in the space applauded and lauded of all the times.

Become the object of worship and avanz├índose a few years to what we will know in the format of a video game as ‘Dead Space’, this example of horror cosmic led us to deep outer space, where a call for help will be just the beginning for the crew of a ship enter in a nightmare from which they cannot escape.

Considered by many as one of the fathers of cinema based on video games, it is fair to say that your way of running has been copied countless times. Pity that it does not want to say that the seal of Paul W. S. Anderson is one of quality that go beyond the pure entertainment movies.