A five-song ep and not an album? That’s why if it does Giaime sense


MILAN. At the age of eighteen years, after the success of Soulitudine, it seemed like having to take all and climb the charts. Then Giaime not able to handle the situation well and was overwhelmed by the wave trap that has revolutionized the Italian scene. After a small setback, but is back with new and interesting projects that have resulted – also thanks to the meeting with the manufacturer Andry The Hitmaker – to-back in the game. Now, with the release of the ep “Mula”, his rap neomelodico is conquering new spaces. Why Giaime in these years has undoubtedly been underestimated.

After Blue Magic you disappeared for a certain period of time. What is success?

“Consider that I still have to do twenty-five years, in 2013 I was eighteen. At that age you don’t understand how the world works. I had signed a contract with a major label, but I didn’t know how to move. And also my team and I had a lot of experience. We got a little wrapped, and we were demoralized. I reacted isolandomi a bit, but I continued to write and record. There was a lot of confidence on our part, we wondered: now what do we do? How do we go after the small successes that we have achieved? We were not able to handle the situation, and consequently the songs had the right manner, and the sound was not very specific. There had been a bone of contention between me and the producers I was working with. And the music suffered. Out a few things and they were large numbers. In view of that period, in fact, I was not there”.

And then came the wave trap.

“That’s correct. And I thought: and what do I do now? It was a sound that I listened to. I used to generate views with another type of music. I have found not to be in step with the times”.

You were disoriented?

“I was desperate, I didn’t even have a manufacturer that could help me. Then, then there was also a bit of envy. All have tried a little bit of envy for someone in this field. In that time many have envied the Sphere Ebbasta. But when you grow up, luckily, at least for me it was so, you realize that it is you who have find your size, and if the others had already found it then good for them. It took a moment, but I met the producer the right, and they are now here in the Sony”.

The meeting with Andry The Hitmaker was fundamental?

“Totally. Before he downloaded the beat from YouTube, and then I even things a bit as well. I knew the producer, but with the character that I had in that period of quarrelling I’ve done a lot”.

Then you put back on the track with Gimmi Andryx, a project in which the recitation has a substantial weight. Where did the passion for acting?

“I love the cinema. I studied a couple of years at the CTA, which is a very important center from which they exited Ale and Franz and Vanessa Incontrada. Then I got a period on the Disney Channel, I did a little bit of experience for about three years. In general, however, I watch really many movies and tv series, is my great passion. I buy the dvd to collect them, I love Tarantino and Scorsese. Now I’m watching the second season of Narcos: Mexico and ZeroZeroZero. I look at the romantic films. Here, maybe I don’t go to the cinema to see the cinepanettoni, but Checco Zalone yes”.

In the future, would you like to make films?

“In the mood. I don’t want to end up like Will Smith, that is, start it, and then do the actor. But in acting, it takes a lot of study. I would love to participate in something if there was the opportunity, but the priority is the music.”

Did you call the ep Mulathat is your last name, but it is also a word that in the slang of rap american means money. What relationship do you have with money?

“We’re nice to each other (ndr ride). However, you must always be careful. They should not become a habit or the only reason to do a thing. We need balance. I know that it is perhaps trivial to say, and maybe I will even, I don’t know, but I hope not. I hope that intelligent people who are found to have large amounts of money from time to time they behave well. The money you eat, when you attached too much to the money, there is never a happy ending. For me the important thing is that the money allows me to live, to eat and have a roof over your head. And maybe take away some whim, the dvds that I collect-and travel. M also would like to do good deeds, but I don’t say robe, egregious”.

That is,?

“I don’t know, maybe give money to the parish priest of the district so that it may build a basketball court for the young people who attend the oratory, thus they would be attracted to go there rather than sitting around. I would like to make concrete actions on the territory”.

Why is an ep of 5 pieces and not a disk?

“He wanted to be a shot of the scene. In manner, a little provocative, I say that quality costs, and to get it you have to pay. Did not seem right to give too much at this time to the fans, because if the from the an album after a week I want another”.

You wanted assaporassero each piece?

“Also. And also a bit of spite, between the quotation marks. Maybe I do a job for a year and a half to make a disk, I put all my life inside, I cry, I laugh, joke, I’ll leave you with girlfriend, fight with my best friend. Then you do an album of top pieces, and maybe, or you lose someone or them for granted. In this historic moment, I found just doing a little precious. Make an album it was like to do nothing. Now there we would have filled the Alcatraz”.

You did not feel ready for an album?

“No, musically we were not ready to give fifteen tracks, all beautiful, all connected among themselves”.

Your videos have a highly recognizable style, minimal, but some people think that make them so because you don’t have enough money. This is because maybe not include appiano your aesthetic?

“Yes, it is. These videos call them gif. We use a fixed camera and the shot widens toward the subject or shrinks. Have a certain cost and also these are why you need to rent a studio or another place. Of course, cost much less than a video clip normal. We had the idea to make a video of all these songs, and so instead of doing a lyric video we thought of making this sort of painting, almost in a framework that accompany the listening to the music. And it is a format that in Italy we do just us.”

Speaking of uniqueness, today, in a time when every day sprout new rapper, it is very important to stand out and be recognizable. How to do it?

“The best ideas come from the sun, perhaps because in the end, you’re always thinking about it subconsciously. It is important to try to always make the music better, then you can dress her up as you want, you can to your heart’s content. The uniqueness you have inside, otherwise it is a bit difficult to call himself an artist.”

In the ep four songs out of five are featuring, why this choice?

“The pieces are all born from a mutual respect for each other. However, there are times when a rapper needs to be paired with another. In Latin America when it comes out of an artist’s new record labels, they are more famous names than him to push it. I have followed this example. Did the first coat in this environment. Are not as the Shiva, who is very young and is finished immediately in the spotlight. Yes, I am a forty year old, but I’m part of that generation that really has achieved success for some years now. Then I thought that combining my name to other artists would help the songs, which we had thought was already beautiful, to reach more people”.

Reason it is the only piece that you made, like ever?
“Because he did not have the need of another, is intense and contains so many emotions. And then I wanted to give the fans something of my own and just”.

The rapper for the adults are the bad guys, what do you think?

“Having all of this attention is not a bad thing. Someone also sells a few more copies. And still the sons of these people, they listen to the rap, then the enemy, between the quotation marks, they have it in the house. In the end it is just a matter of getting used to the genre. And then being young does not want to say, take drugs or do bad. The large should give a little more trust to the new generations”.

Would you like to collaborate with a rapper?

“Of course, but at the moment in Italy there is a girl that I have ever hit. The women make more effort, it is a fact, especially in the us. In America the rap is part of the culture, and it is easier for the girls to be credible. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj split, when I felt the first time I had no doubts about their talent. But to us, it is more complicated”.