a Jailbroken iPhone can be done on Android


The Jailbreak Tool “checkra1n received an update. From now on, it is possible to unlock the mobile operating system from Apple, and with the help of an Android-based device. To Start the Software, the user is must use a Mac.

In September of 2019 at the latest, of The has been known, that all the iPhones can be lifted from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone, generally the first Jailbreak Tool that exploits this vulnerability has been called “the checkra1n”. The Software was originally laid out at the beginning of the month of November. Right now, the program has received an Update. The Jailbreak Tool is now available in the latest Version, 0.9.8 is available as a free Download.
a Jailbroken iPhone with an Android deviceThe Jailbreak Tool ‘checkra1n’ can now be used on Android devices to begin with.

As a user of Reddit, “stblr” he says, “checkra1n”, now for Linux and Android-based devices that are available. Thus, it is possible to unlock your iPhone or iPad with the help of the other “smart” phones. The device should be by means of an Adapter to the USB Port of your Android Smartphone. The Android device should also be self-rooted. In the future, checkra1n you can “” also in connection with Windows pc’s to use. The Version is already in development.

To restart requires another Jailbreak

With the “checkra1n” can only be achieved, however, the so-called “semi-tethered” Jailbreak. Therefore, the Tool must be run after each reboot of your iPhone or iPad again. The Jailbreak Software is based on the unpatchbaren poor Hardware checkm8 place”. This is a Boot ROM Exploit, which relates to the Apple of your CPU. Because the Problem may not be a Software Update to fix a vulnerability in the current Version of the iOS 13.3.1 yet to take advantage of.

Android, Iphone, iOS, Apple, iPhone, Jailbreak

Android, Iphone, iOS, Apple, iPhone, Jailbreak