A student has discovered 17 new planets


Michelle Kunimoto, who was studying astronomy at the University of British Columbia, found 17 of the new creation. The student will analyze the data from the Nasa Mission Kepler, and I came up with a new body in heaven. Including an Exoplanet, which could be potentially habitable, is, among other things.

The Planet is called the “KIC-7340288 b” and is approximately one and one-half times greater than that of the earth. The texture of the surface is mainly rocky. In addition to this, the Planet is located in the “habitable” Zone of its star, and therefore, it can be used as a living space for the visa. Experts speak of a “second earth”.

Michelle Kunimoto has done with this collection for the first Time to the attention. In the course of their studies the student has already found four other planets. But the current Bottom line is, by far, the most entertaining: “This is an exciting discovery and, so far, only 15 of the other potentially habitable planets found in the habitable Zone in the Kepler data,” he said of the student court.