Accuse Mary Amelia Aguilar to take ADVANTAGE of the driver Raul Araiza


Raúl Araiza after 24 years of marriage with Fernanda Rodríguez, the driver the program “Today” announced last October 2019 their divorce, which gave rise to a new opportunity in love with the psychologist of Televisa, Mary Amelia Aguilar. This after reaching an agreement with his ex-wife for the daughters who are in the middle.

Mary Amelia Aguilar is a fellow of the morning of Televisa and who allegedly gave him a new opportunity to be happy, but things between them have happened with calm, because Raúl Araiza admitted in the program With permission of Juan José Origel that “still” is not his girlfriend.

The new love affair of Raúl Araiza

The driver of the program Today noted several points about his relationship with Mary Amelia Aguilar, one of them is that he has no plans to marry again, as well as having children with her, being something that both famous Televisa agree and now Raul Araiza will begin with a new stage in your life.

Mary Amelia Aguilar was a great support for Raúl Araiza during his divorce with Fernanda Rodriguez, but this was criticised, according to the information of HRNotas on your Youtube channel, who highlighted that the psychologist could have been “taken advantage of this situation” to get closer to the driver of Televisa.

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Also mention was made that being a “psychologist”, Mary Amelia Aguilar found the weak points of Raúl Araiza and used them to his favor, information a both strong, without taking into account other important factors, as it is a declaration of one of the two famous Televisa.