Andrea Legarreta presume your tiny waist in Instagram ¡Guapísima!


Andrea Legarreta managed to surprise their followers Instagram and even her husband, the singer Erik Rubinwhen posting a sexy photography on the presumption that her tiny waist. An image that has caused more than the sighs of the internet users.

Remember that Andrea Legarreta rose to fame thanks to their participation in the program “Today”, one of the productions with greater audience Televisa and that even takes more than 20 years in transmission.

However Andrea Legarreta has also built a strong path in the area of acting, where we’ve seen it participate in different soap operas, plays and productions in film, being the film “Mother went on the road,” your participation latest.

Andrea Legarreta conquest Instagram

Also we can not deny that this conductive it is one of the artists most beautiful of the celebrity mexican, that has led her to form a large group of followers on social networks, where, at least in your account Instagram it has over 4.2 million followers.

And it was precisely through his account Instagram where Andrea Legarreta caused the biggest sighs of his followers, by publishing one of his photographs more sensual, where you can see the driver wearing a short dress and adjusted on the part of the waist. What ended up framing her tiny waist.

Andrea Legarreta presume your tiny waist

With this image, Andrea Legarreta we demonstrated once more that its 48 years old, is located in one of its best moments, both professionally and physically, since we can’t deny that despite being a mother of two beautiful daughters, this driver has one of the bodies most spectacular.

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A great attribute is that even the same husband Erik Rubin greatly appreciated, since I could not avoid to tell with a series of smilies “in love”. On the other hand, we can ensure that Andrea Legarreta managed to conquer his followers in Instagram by bringing together more than 20,000 thousand likes on this picture.