Angelica Aragon against the song “Mátalas” by Alejandro Fernández


Angelica Aragon he demonstrated his discomfort in social networks, after listening to the famous song “Mátalas” of Alejandro Fernandez during a children’s party, as it considers that this topic written by Manuel Eduardo Toscano, is an offense against women, and more on the upcoming national strike of the March 9,.

The actress of Tv Azteca was recognized by the Association of Independent Filmmakers with an award named in honor of the first actor Ignacio López Tarso, time where Angelica Aragon confessed to revise the scripts of each of your projects, because you choose not to participate if one of them mentions something offensive against women.

“The female gender has been working for a new way of being a woman, but the men have not done this work”

Angelica Aragon rejects works that are offensive to women

Having this custom, Angelica Aragon emphasized his discomfort during a meeting of children, because after listening to classical music, and the Ave Maria, entered a mariachi singing the song “Mátalas”, which was not something I expected to hear in a children’s party, as the actress of Tv Azteca considers that is a direct affront against women.

The penalties were 10:30 in the morning, and Angelica Aragon could not believe what I was hearing, as he believes that the people do not realize that they listen to their children, how a clear example is the song “Mátalas” by Alejandro Fernández and also to go against what they seek to fight the women with the national strike of march 9th.

“Mátala, to kissing, but matala, if you want to, mátala, I then said: ‘forgive me, we have to stop singing that song and was the mariachi band in full’, he says to me: ‘are you going to sing?’, No, not going to sing no one, ‘but it is of the Foal’, and what? Be who you are, that kind of songs do not should allow, and composers no longer the should of writing,” pointed out the actress of Tv Azteca.

Angelica Aragon 66-year-old canceled a major event in the Senate of the Republic, as it will be added to the “Day without women” of the march 9, as well as participate the day before in a march against gender-based violence.

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“It is not a song sexist, on the contrary, we have to know that the only aggression that may be against the woman must be that, to kill them to kiss,” said the mexican actress.