Angelina Jolie changes the Agency after almost a decade


Angelina Jolie he signed an agreement with the Agency WME after the majority of the last ten years with the UTAbe reported exclusive of Variety.

This year, the actress was to re-interpret the iconic villain from the classic DisneyEvil, in the film Maleficent: A Woman Of Evilcontinuation of the Maleficent 2013 and is able to beat the Joker, the box-office.
The return of Jolie came after a number of years, in which focused more on the career of Director and producer, but to roll in for the last time again and again the actors, in the main, and the writing is reminiscent of the future participation in ne The Eternalthe new project will expand Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jolie had signed on to be represented by UTA in the year 2011 and as a Director, and he had an agreement with the IFA in terms of the acting. Since 2013 was represented on all fronts by UTA.
The cooperation with this Agency from under the direction Unbroken in the year 2014 and the First of all, my father have killedfilm produced by Netflix and was co-script from the same Jolie. Among the films he produced, instead, remind The Breadwinner, Oscar nominee for the award for the best animation film.

The new Agency, the Jolie, the WME has a number of agreements this year with the name of the first floor, including Matthew McConaughey, Alfonso Cuaron and the quarterback of the New England Patriots Tom Brady.

For more information about the last examination of acting, Angelina Jolie, experienced in the review of Maleficent 2.