Angelina Jolie is still at work on the remake of Bride of Frankenstein


Angelina Jolie and the Universal the work on the remake would be even Bride of Frankenstein. The film, whose editing has begun 2015he has never seen the light, and it was already deleted. Amy Pascal and John Krasinskito which the Director , are exploring many of the roads, and it seems that soon you will begin to be entrusted. The input David Koepp the staff changed several times in the years, he would turn, he would expect the time.

The magazine Variety that you could finally, in the year 2020, the rotation start reveals work Bride of Frankenstein. In 2015, Angelina Jolie in the main role, but the project was born, which already at the beginning of the years 2000.

Angelina Jolie in Maleficent 2: Mrs Angry (Courtesy of the Press Office)

Because the script was several times taken and left because of the failure of another reboot, how The Mummy of Tom Cruise. Just because of the flop of this film, that he bring to life franchise Dark UniverseUniversal decided to delete it, other than reboot The woman of Frankenstein. What seemed to be a film should be, never done this before, could now become a reality. Jolie has never made statements about it, but according to Variety, the actress is still part of the project.

The eventful history of film began in the year 2001. The first script was presented by Universal, then in the year 2008, in the year 2013 and finally in the year 2015 Only this year, the cast seemed well prepared, with the main character of Maleficent at the top. Javier Bardem had to interpret Frankenstein, also he confirmed today.

Also the original movie made in 1935, it was not a success at the box office, and became a cult in the 80s, after the appreciation of audiences and critics Angelina Jolie is in the role, the film was in the original Elsa Lanchester.