Angelina Jolie’s signature, the tattoo of a fans


A dream with open eyes for the young actor Alex Thomas Smithcould finally see his favorite actress to meet: beautiful Angelina Jolie. The star was present during the presentation of a musical, where the guy is like the protagonist. The actress sat in the stalls in public support, took the theatre production of “Dear Evan Hansen”, on stage at the West End of London, a work that pleases starting in 2016, is reaping increasing success and great popularity. Angelina wanted the entire cast to praise remained until the end of the show, complimentandosi with all, especially with the young Alex.

The guy that excited and entranced by the vision, showed Jolie tattoo the really only decorates the shoulder of the left-hand side: the image of the same actress impressa on his skin. A vision that is dedicated to enthusiastic and the same Jolie, delighted by the incredible, much to celebrate, tattoo, hug and kiss Smith on the cheeks. The boy wanted to the whole via Instragram: an event of which he probably will never riprenderi, as the same actor has given. Angelina dedicated to words and attention for all the votes, promised to visit in the production-the musical.

The work, written by the duo successfully is, of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, tells the story of a school girl, a teenager, very lonely, and lives his existence is focused on the use of social networkto watch forced to watch the world go by. In an attempt to improve its image, Evan writes a letter that is outsourced to the letter to the farewell of a suicide, a fact which significantly increases their fame. The musical, the attention is focused on isolamenteo typically in adolescence and the importance of integration, the social.

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