Animal Crossing: New Horizons – – – The Name of the island you can now Turn into a little bit of time to be Nintendo


Animal Crossing: New Horizons some of the major changes, such as, for example, in the beauty of high-resolution graphics and new customization options for the character, it was also confirmed today for a new Update to them. Yes, that’s the name of the island may be only eight characters in it, but up to ten characters long to be.

Nintendo Direct, viewers with eagle-eyes will have noticed in the last month, with the island in the name of the user who has been presented as a “Nintenland”. This is pointed out to you that your name was going to be accepted by a ten-character, but it’s been confirmed by Nintendo, oddly enough, I never really ever mentioned it. Today, Nintendo has confirmed the news that for the first Time in this Tweet from Tom Nook to the UK – strangely enough, but in the German variant:

In the Animal Crossing: New Leaf they were limited to the city in the name of the player in the eight-characters in length. Even if the difference between the two main characters, more or less, at a first glance, it is not such a big difference, it certainly surprised us how much of that buffer to the new ideas that can have an impact. “NinCon4ever,” it is eleven characters long, and unfortunately, at some point, Nintendo is going to make this dream come true, but we do hope that by allowing you to fifteen characters or more.

Now that you know what the character limit for the island Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the case of 10 characters, that is how you are going to assign to a new house? Your ideas and suggestions, please write to us below in the comments section!