Anitta and Cardi B together for a duet: Here is the confirmation!


In the last month, a heated exchange of messages on Twitter has suggested to us a possible collaboration between Anitta and Cardi B. The confirmation has arrived a little while ago, thanks to a photo of the two stars together!

Anitta and Cardi B will do a duet together. The news excited a lot fans of both the pop star and appeals to our curiosity and expectation.

Anitta: duet with Cardi B? Here’s the exchange on Twitter

Anitta has given us much new music this year. We have yet to recover from his album Kisses, and many other fantastic songs, including a a collaboration with Madonna and a with Major Lazer.

Yet it seems that there will be another dream project: a duet with Cardi B. About a month ago Anitta he wrote on his The official Twitter:

“I have to say that I have the PERFECT slope for us. I know that you love to listen to brazilian funk. The track is the best funk ever!”

Shortly after it was decided the response by the Cardi Bthat has opened a crack in the heart of the fans: “Only if you teach me Portuguese”…

Immediate and very friendly response Anitta who has accepted the challenge with a “Easy! I also taught at our Lady for our song together.”

A shot conferna the collaboration!

A few hours ago, a shot that portrays thetogether Anitta and Cardi B this confirms what until now was only a hope! The two pop stars will make a duet together.

Hopefully we’ll know something more soon. The expectations are high, both for what concerns the song, a possible video, which, by the protagonists, it would be really iconic and irrepressible.