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The implementation of an iPhone, it Jailbreaks it now can be done with an Android-based device. With the latest Version of the Jailbreak tool Checkra1n this is Reddit, a user Stblr. Version 0.9.8 of the Checkra1n is supported by Linux, and, therefore, it is possible to have a Jailbreak for an iOS device an Android device to run. The mobile device needs to the phone is rooted and have a Terminal App installed on it.

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Special requirements for the connection of the cable between the Android and the iOS of the device, because the cable must be able to on your iOS device in Device Firmware Upgrade mode. This mode is typically used to a new operating system using a USB connection you must install. In September of 2019, the discovery of a security vulnerability in this way allows for a Jailbreak.

As a result, the Iphone is not an Upgrade of the operating system, prevent it, and, therefore, it works well with the latest version of iOS, but also with the older versions. However, the Jailbreak is not permanent. Once the iOS device is rebooted, it is in the past and should be re-run if necessary, if this is desired. Since the modern Smartphones, but are only rarely rebooted, you can use your Iphone for several days or even weeks.

The Jailbreak is not with every type of cable that you can

Those who want to perform the Jailbreak with a USB-C cable-Lightning, Apple could not fail, if you have a device with iOS on the Device by way of a Firmware Update to activate it. Because it was not supported for the type of cable to use, ” explains Stblr. He has to use a USB-to-Ultra-USB cable to the USB-a port USB-ac adapter, and was able to Jailbreak it.

Under-the-Reddit-to-find guide data on a wide variety of users have tried to Jailbreak it. Therefore, it may require multiple attempts, even though the Jailbreak has been successfully accomplished.

The Jailbreak tool Checkra1n currently supports MacOS x, and Linux operating systems. Support for Windows being worked on. When will it be available is not known.

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