Ariana Grande has been accused of plagiarism for ‘7 Rings’


This Thursday, the rapper Josh Stone has made a case to Ariana Grande, accusing it of having copied the chorus of his song in his “7 Rings.”

The piece in question is “You Need I Got It”, in 2017. Stone said they had to hear the song to several people in the music industry, including producer Tommy Brown who has often worked with Ariana Grande. He accused Brown of having taken some parts of the piece of Stone and have used them in the “7 Rings”. A part of the text of the piece of Ariana Grande, in effect, is “I Want It, I Got It. I Want It, I Got It” and the piece of Stone is similar: “You Need It, I Got It. You Want It, I Got It”.

In the acts of the case, filed in New York, it is said that two musicologists forensics they analyzed the two songs and they would have discovered that the rhythm and the notes are substantially similar. “Literally, each of the 39 notes to the ‘7 Rings’ is identical to the 39 the notes of ‘I Got It’ from the point of view of positioning metric,” the lawsuit claims. “In other words, the rhythm and the placement of the notes and of parts of the text are nearly identical.”

According to the lawsuit, “7 Rings” would have already generated over 10 million dollars of profits. Next week, Ariana Grande will perform at the Grammy Awards and is nominated in five categories, two of which with the “7 Rings”.