Ariana Grande has personally contacted his look-alike TikTok


9 December 2019

You may recall the doubles of Ariana Grande on TikTok?

Last November, the video Paige Niemann they became viral thanks to the similarity of 15-year-old with the singer, and the number of his followers was increased dramatically. See for yourself as it is impossible to distinguish from the original:

At the time Ari had commented on a tweet that ricondivideva one of the videos of the girl, but now there is more: the personally contacted by writing them in DM!

They’re shocked that I’ve noticed – confessed to Paige to Entertainment Tonight – It was really cool. Is my idol so I was trembling a little“.

And he has revealed what he has written: “He told me he was flattered and I wanted to let you know that I’m beautiful in my way. I thanked her for being so kind with me and she said: ‘I’m proud of you‘”.

It’s not over here, because Ariana Grande he gave her the opportunity to meet you in person: “I wrote: ‘let Me know if you will be my Sweetener Tour, so we can share a hug“.

Ariana Grande is officially the biggest cake of all time!

ph: getty images