Ariana Grande love Bernie Sanders, and other endorsement pop


In November 2019, Ariana Grande has posted a photo with Bernie Sanders, accompanied by the comment in all caps “MY GUY” and a sentence in which she said she had never smiled so much in his life. Had officially begun not only in the primary elections of the Democratic Party, but also the primary of the pop musicians. There are stars who have played at the rallies, maybe playing a couple of Bob Dylan songs, as did Bon Iver, and others that have taken a position on social media. Here are the endorsements that are most important for each candidate.


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Cardi B

The rapper has interviewed Sanders in Detroit last year and he also discussed issues such as racism, minimum wage, immigration. “Aren’t you afraid that whoever is at the head of the pharmaceutical and in the schools – you know that it is all a business – you get angry?”. Sanders smiled and said: “Cardi, is a life that I make them angry”.

The Strokes

Julian Casablancas had already put Sanders in the primaries of 2016, and now has again expressed its support. The Strokes will be with Sanders in Durham, New Hampshire, February 10. “What an honor to be associated with such a patriot, as well as new york as us,” said Casablancas, “Is the only candidate not funded by corporations and is therefore our only chance to overthrow their power and restore democracy in America”.

Jack White

Last fall, White is back at the high school of Detroit, where he studied for performing at a rally at the Sanders. On the stage of Cass Technical, the rocker has played with the classic White Stripes-as Black Math and Seven Nation Armyin addition to the Licence to Kill Bob Dylan. “Bernie Sanders is telling the truth, I trust him”.

Ariana Grande

At the end of last year the pop star has endorsed the candidate by posting a photo with him on Twitter: “Thank you Senator Sanders for coming to my show, thank you for making great my night and thanks for what she believes in”.

Vampire Weekend

The band recently performed at a rally for Sanders in Iowa. The right choice to make “The Boys Are Back in Town of Thin Lizzy, because in 2016, had already performed there in support of the candidate. “I still believe that Bernie can win it,” wrote frontman Ezra Koenig on Instagram. “Bernie is definitely the favorite among people less than 35 years old, regardless of sex and breed, so try to convince your friends and family young and skeptical about why Bernie can actually win”.

Bon Iver

Frontman Justin Vernon was with Vampire Weekend at the rally in Cedar Rapids, where he has sung The Times They Are a-Changin’ and With God on Our Side Bob Dylan.

Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus (real name Nika Danilova) is the cousin of senator Amy Klobuchar, but he has clearly said a vote for Sanders. “Do not joke with my support, to Bernie,” she tweeted. “It runs against my cousin. I’m going against the family reasons to support him.” “Sanders shows us how the world can improve, and what should be done,” he said in an interview.

Killer Mike

The rapper and activist in Atlanta has met with the senator of Vermont in front of a plate of soul food in 2015; a year later, she actively supported. Now he is again supporting Sanders after having discussed with him issues ranging from health care to economic inequality.

Weyes Blood

Last month the singer-songwriter in Los Angeles, real name Natalie Mering, has posted on Instagram a photo with the candidate.

Brandi Carlile

Carlile has performed in the so-called kickoff rally of Sanders in Vermont last year, dedicating The Joke.

Kim Gordon

The former singer and bassist of Sonic Youth has used his Instagram to give his support to Sanders, by posting a photo with the senator, daughter Coco and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “Yo! California! The primary elections are march 3 and voting by mail ends Monday,” he wrote in another post “The activists of Bernie need to go out and knock on doors, these primaries are critical!”.

T. I.

The rapper has praised Sanders on The View in the last year. “At the moment, the only person I see that has a base strong enough to oppose Trump is Bernie. Biden has bigger numbers, but the base of Bernie’s is more passionate. He is the antithesis of all that Trump is”.

Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty, real name, Miles McCollum, has already expressed his support to Sanders in 2016. When the candidate has announced candidacy for the elections of 2020, the rapper from Atlanta has quoted the tweet by adding a “Let’s gooooooo”.

Frankie Cosmos

The frontwoman Greta Kline has helped with the song Moon Beam (with the nickname Lexie) to a compilation entitled Bernie Speaks with the Community. Assembled by Stranger Ranger, the album also contains songs of Jay Som and Marisa Dabice of Mannequin Pussy.

Sheer Mag

After that Sanders has passed Expect the Bayonet at a rally in Queens last fall, the band has responded by supporting the candidate: “we Believe that it is the best hope in generations of generations, to the left”, they said to Pitchfork, “as well as the only possible candidate to defeat Trump in 2020”.


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John Legend

In an interview with Vanity Fair published in the fall, Legend has said that Warren is the candidate preferred. “It is the best in the race and he does it with joy, sincerity and with a great wealth of knowledge and experience. On the one hand there is a candidate transparent and eloquent as Elizabeth Warren and the other people who are not interested to vote for a woman. Why men feel threatened by the idea of a woman president?”.


David Crosby

It is not surprising that Croz was extremely frank on those who argue to the primary. He tweeted multiple times about the applicant and entered in the detail while promoting his documentary, produced by Cameron Crowe David Crosby Remember My Name. “The politician is the most intelligent I’ve ever seen,” he said. “That’s brilliant, honest, committed and brave. Do you know how much feagto it takes to join the army if you are gay? And however you offer yourself volunteer and party because you think it is your duty to do so and don’t want to be the kind of guy that privileged that all is forgiven. Do you remember the ethics that we want?”.

Mandy Moore

The singer and actress has recently expressed his support for the former mayor. “Usually I don’t discuss politics,” he tweeted, disappointing for a moment the fans of Chasing Liberty half America. “But Pete Buttigieg is a source of inspiration and is the person America needs in this moment.”


Childish Gambino

Donald Glover has become the “creative consultant” of Yang in December, and has helped to launch a pop-up store in Los Angeles in view of a democratic debate that was held that week at Loyola Marymount University.


John Mellencamp

“In the America of the province, continue to dream,” said the rocker in a promotional video for the former mayor of New York. “The jobs seem to be a thing of the past, and our children need to leave in search of opportunities, making the small city even smaller”.