As soon as you start the new menu items to the Windows right now


The Windows that you want to edit your start menu and Live tiles to the outside. With the Update, users will no longer have to wait, however, on the start menu, you can now customize it. In addition to this, the Live tiles, you can turn off the user.

On the start menu of Windows 10 Microsoft focuses on the tried-and-true patterns: Links to frequently accessed programs, and the options are set to off to turn off the computer. On the right-hand side of the Application. Now Microsoft wants to change the menu to look good on the street, and also the Live tiles to remove them. We are going to show you how you can use the menu without Refresh.

The Live tile off

On the start menu of Windows 10 is adjustable in both height and width, using the mouse to adjust the column to the right, it can be used for Apps and news, Live. What are your impressions of the Live view to stop, the one that you can turn off the live tile by right-clicking with the right mouse button. The applications and Tools in the Work area may be on the groups directly attached items, are also removed.

The personal folder back

Anyone who would like to customize the left-hand column, which is in the settings [Windows-Taste und i-Taste] to find it. All of the configuration options can be found in the customization guide. > To start. Here, for example, a folder can be selected, which are displayed in the menu. Here, too, the function may be the “Recently added Apps” ad is turned off. Also, since the windows XP days-familiar personal folder to use this method to recover the surface.

The tiles to arrange, and from the start you can color

The App will have parts to customize to the individual user. With the mouse, you can move around and group together. The user may, for example, you can create a group for your Office programs. The tiles can be enlarged with a click with the right mouse button to click on to enlarge, diminish, or from the start menu to be dismissed.

The new start menu of Windows, you should also obtain a bright mode. Users will have the ability to customize the color of the start menu, but also for themselves. You have more options than just light and dark. In the tab “customization” on a color, click the color you want, then put a check box in the “Start in task bar and Info Centre. Now your start menu has the color you want.