Bad Bunny aviva rumors and hints that Natti Natasha and Rafael Pina are a couple, in their song “25/8”


“What is going on between Natti Natasha and Rafael Pina?” This question is constantly make the followers of the dominican republic and the well-known manáger, who for months have unleashed a wave of rumors suggest that between them they would have something more than a professional relationship and a friendship.

For years working together and have formed one of the most successful teams in the music industry and urban and although none of the two has refused to confirm whether there has arisen any feelings beyond friendship between them, Bad Bunny what has hinted at in one of his songs.

The Rabbit Bad has again put into focus to Natti and Pina after having made allusion to a possible love relationship in one of the songs from their latest album, YHLQMDLG. Specifically on this topic 25/8 he sings the verse, which has made to detonate the bomb: “You go to the Natti callao, as Raphy Pina”.

Listen to the verse in the minute 3:30:

Following this phrase, there are many who see confirmed the relationship between the artist and his manáger, who were seen together constantly in their social networks.

In fact, one of the last photos that has given that talk between the fans of the celebrity was the one who shared the dominican. In it appear Karol G and Anuel AA, one of the couples most popular in the world of reggaeton, and Natti Natasha and Pina.

Many were those who pointed out that it might be a “meeting of pairs”, even, the own manáger had no qualms of laughing with the funny comments left by users in the publication.

For months, fans of the tandem professional are waiting for the confirmation if they are really together and have been looking for signs that prove your loving relationship.

The samples of love and complicity are constants. In fact, some months ago Rafael Pina dared to say in a video that Natti is the cause of their congratulations.

In addition to seeing them travel for business to the length and breadth of the planet, they have also been seen enjoying their free time and take vacations in each other’s company.

It should be remembered that for Christmas, the director of Pina Records gave him a car to The hardest of the Hard. Specifically a Alfa Romeo white that the artist thanked him publicly.

What will you do? Do you think that they are together?