Bad Bunny launches the music video for “But not anymore” from her album YHLQMDLG


A day after presenting the video clip of If I see your mom, Bad Bunny has released a new clip for one of the songs from their latest album YHLQMDLG (‘I do what I want’ for short).

The clip But not anymore is the new audio-visual of the puerto rican and in it we re-traced back to the past with an aesthetic of the decade of the 2000s.

The scenario of this video clip is a film in which he works Bad Bunny. In addition, your image appears in different posters of movies such as Men in Black. The clip is played by two children who live their childhood love, and go to the cinema where they see the dependent, Benito.

The little protagonist is the same that appears in the rest of audiovisuals and promotional videos. In addition, it is also the star of the cover of the album, his second solo.

So far the artist has released two video clips from the premiere of the album record, the of The Difficult and If I see your momit is expected that in the next few days follow by putting images to the songs with more releases.

These must sum them up to the two singles that had already been presented as an advance of the disk, Go and Ignorant (next to Sech).

The new work of Benito Martinez -real name of the artist – is comprised of 20 songs and includes collaborations with some of the most well known artists of the urban landscape such as Daddy Yankee, Ñengo Flow, Árcangel or Anuel AA.