Black Widow: the apparitions, from best to worst


This article Black Widow a premise: draw nigh needed, the adjective “poor” to any interpretation Scarlett Johansson is a contradiction in itself. We are big fans of the actress and woman, and we think that you as one of the best performers of his generation.

His character Natasha Romanoff, also, is one of those small treasures that you discover at the hand, the character grows and develops on the canvas, a figure, in front of the MeToo and the movements, the neo-feminist that invested in the world of show business in the last three years, he was already a perfect example of the woman at eye level with each character of the male sex, which is implemented, in addition to, or against.

In the light of this clarification, the best and worst representations of the character were in the course of the seven films the Marvel Cinematic Universe in which they occur.

black widow avengers: Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron it was the second film in the group of Avengers, the team has seen again in a new order and the transformation of the heroes, old and new telling, despite common consent the worst movie choir of the MCU.

We this movie on the last place in this ranking, because here Black Widow is the protagonist of this story-line criticised with Bruce Banner. There are those who called Beauty and the beast during the time of the Marvel movies, but it is clear that, although this romance has given us the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the characters, and in the past, and Nat Bruce, looks absolutely inappropriate, in addition to the fact that it is not, seems to have no consequences for future events in the MCU. The chemistry between Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson it is sublime, the two actors are very good friends, but the story was written poorly.

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