Blanca Suárez salvaged from a skyscraper in Bangkok. Last time


Blanca Suárez in The girls cable

04 march 2020
(19:30 CET)

So many roles in films, series and short films have been generated that Blanca Suárez lose for a moment the true meaning of reality. The concept of risk is found absent from his mind for a few minutes during your visit to a skyscraper in Bangkok. It is now a story to tell, but the risk was huge.

It is not the best idea in these times to visit Thailand, mainly by the expansion of the Coronavirus and the lack of a safe cure. However, White care very little about what happens to comply with your plan.

Blanca Suarez

The journey of the seasoned actress found herself in Bangkok one of the most important places of your tour. The MahaNakhon it was one of the buildings that White dreamed of visiting, and he complied, though with an unexpected outcome.

Account that rose 714 feet from the building to become one of the best photos that anyone can have, but they came the drawbacks. And is that when he was in that act, she was paralyzed. His words were: “With legs shaking trying to decently make me normal, they had to come get me because I was incapable of taking a step to nowhere”. This time overvalued their courage to face the vertigo.

Blanca Suarez 2

Blanca Suárez with the challenges of height in the future

It’s not about buildings, but of the upcoming projects you’re working on White . The most expected is his new film The summer that we live in and the Jaguar series, the film was announced for November, 2020 and the series for the 2021 no specific date yet.

In addition, it come surprises in terms of the facet of singer unknown until recently Blanca Suárez. The recognition of the madrid-based just spurs him to continue looking for new ways to reflect on their fantastic talent. With such and the heights are not part of the papers, everything will be great.