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Unger Games book/ movie

Better, the book or the movie

Book the HUNGER GAMES, Suzanne Collins

Is a dystopian novel: the story takes place in a future, the unknown, in an environment of nightmare.
North-America, in consequence of a series of events, nefarious , has experienced enormous changes.
Capital City is the capital of what remains, then there are 12 districts that are subject to him.
Every year a reality tv: the Hunger games is to be implemented.

The Hunger games S. Collins

For the extraction of 2 participants must be selected for each district, in order to survive in extreme situations and only one participant remains in the life of is declared as the winner.

The main character is Katniss, a girl full of character, already proven, from pain and from life.
On the day of the harvest of his sister is won, Prim. Katniss, without the slightest time for consideration, provides voluntarily in his place.

During the preparatory steps, Katniss learns that the competitor from district 12, Imagine, in love, from childhood. Greeted with astonishment this message unexpectedly.

Instead of the Hunger Games: after the ritual, all participants have to knit to cope with a thousand and must opponent place clean.

But…, but this year the winner, the two competitors from a district to be!
Katniss Imagine already enjoy the victory…but the decision of the organizers to change…
In short, what will happen?

Said that, in General, not if I have to literary in this strand, why not share with me, I have an exception for this book, which I really liked, I tried to read it, in any free time, because Katniss had a girlfriend.

I liked it so much, that I also have the sequel.

Rating of Gabriella Calvi

Film the HUNGER GAMES, Gary Ross

from Gary Ross (USA 2012)
with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, Wes Bentley, Stanley Tucci, Lenny Kravitz, Donald Sutherland


Hunger Games is a film astonishing in the sense that it is surprising, in relation to the type of films and their target audience, the way in which they realized was, and for what you want to tell. Surprised, because it is a commercial product, the 100%, because it is aimed a young audience, because in the Us, successfully, to put it mildly, sensational and, above all, because it is not at all stupid.

Already, for, as incredible as it seems, in Hollywood, you still will not be able to do, intelligent conversation, the distribution in the cinemas a product, the quality and artistically speaking, is head and shoulders above others say stupidotte and tasteless like Twilight and Harry Potter. And what is even more surprising that the American public loved the big, almost 400 million us dollars, enclosed in little more than a month.

Who of you has appeared a the bed of the eponymous book by Suzanne Collins, a few years ago (and almost unnoticed by us) already knows of what she speaks: Hunger Games is a gigantic reality tv show, plays a not-too-distant future, where the participants are young people, by lot, and the price is life itself. Only one, the winner, to survive, before they exterminated all the other any kind of obstacle existed in the art of production. The aim of the games is to his people-succubus, has no ability to rebel the dictatorship, the oppression, the planet of Panem: the competitors are choking, in fact, as ‘charges’ in the memory of the rebellion, the regime for more than seventy years, and is gives each year.

It is not hard to see in this action a merciless criticism of the modern society is based on appearance and rincoglionimento of the media: the “game” presented, was, in fact, like a Big brother to the extreme consequences, where the audience follows on TV the massacre of children by the pop-corn and through comments on the clothing of the ‘star’. And nobody, of course, think of the revolution… all are warned stunned ” to duty, and the message goes to the viewer, it is very clear… the same one that had other movies like The Truman Show, Rollerball, and even the 1984 us previously.

This is to tell you that the Hunger Games is certainly not the original film. The Director is the one Gary Ross, the already tried twelve years ago with Pleasantville gently to warn us of the lie of television. But Hunger Games is a film that is solid, technically sound care in the details and in contrast to the sagas, saints like the above, with a beautiful cast of interpreters well: the gorgeous main actress, Jennifer Lawrence an actress with controfiocchi (remember? We will see you in The Burning Plain, A cold winter, X-Men the beginning, and Mr. Beaver), for this role, it is ‘cumbersome’ and its levels in the body, and is surrounded by a crowd of illustrious actors such as Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci, Wes Bentley, and of Mr. ‘bad’ Donald Sutherland.

The film is beautiful, in the first part, quite long and little ‘moving’, where it describes how well the social reality of the planet, and the preparation of the play, shows us the worst part of the society now elected solely for the consumption and for the elimination of all forms of solidarity and sense of community. A pity, then, that deluda enough, especially in the action sequences and in the conduct of the games themselves, stemperando very much (for reasons, obviously, commercial), the sequences, the violent and banalizzando a finale, that’s exactly right for you promise of the inevitable sequel (this is, in fact, the first of three novels on the topic). In spite of this, however, to us the Hunger Games liked: for the Hollywood in these times, fat, cola…

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