Brad Pitt again to cry, without Angelina Jolie and the kids


Cry for a man like Bra Pitt it really seems a bit far. And facts, the is and was for over 20 years. But with the end of the marriage with Angelina Jolie the misunderstandings with his childrenwill be moved to Brad was almost liberating.

Brad Pitin Troy unforgettable, had come to throw himself to hate the beautiful things in life such as the family because of the alcohol. Lost Angelina Jolie and the children for a dependency of today has changed, but what finally managed to solve.



Brad Pitt and tap the bottom, after the reunion with Angelina Jolie

During a chat with the colleagues Anthony Hopkins (he’s the main role in the film I Present Joe Black) from that for the magazine Interview, Brad Pitt (age 55 years), ex-husband Jennifer Aniston so she has added all of its dependencies, show great wisdom, to understand that all the difficulties facing in the last few years, and have him (good or bad) to be the Brad of today: so a man much more aware of yourself and your value. “I live like a real act of forgiveness to myself all the decisions, not proud of it, I guess this have led to developments, a bit of wisdom. You can’t have one without the other“said Pitt, to Hopkins, to whom he is revealed as l’alcohol as his escape from everyday problems was that roland emmerich in this time, to alienate him from reality, in a constant state of drunkenness. The accident in the year 2016, the marriage with Jolie on the set of the film Mr and Mrs Smithand his struggle to housing your 6 children (Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne) have so Brad brought to the floor without he noticed it, almost entirely unconscious and irrational.

Brad Pitt 20 years without tears

I had to understand my fault and how I can improve the“he has admitted the actor Ad Astra to have that now, in addition to inner peace, found seems, also has the ability to moves and crywhat happened, of up to 20 years (“no, Angelina, Pitt, burst into tears, you, if you have stopped, finally, sorry): “Not I cried for 20 years and now I find myself in this last phase of my life where I move very emotional and left me, my children, my children, from friends, or from the news I hear“.

To tell a bit of that to get back to themselves and their own feelings more genuine and authentic actor Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (film in which he in addition to Leonardo Dicapriohad to live, suffer more than terrible and distressing in complete solitude and without counting on the support of Angelina Jolie or the own children, with whom they had lost, the contacts for a short time again the reports in the summer. “We, our mistakes, our pain. There is beauty in all of this“he has admitted, Brad, the all-wise.

It is important that you always learn from your mistakes, because it is exactly this step that makes the difference, and us best: “We have always attached great importance to the error. But the next step, what do you do after the mistake is what really defines a person“.