Brad Pitt talks about the divorce of Angelina Jolie


BrangelinaChapter number? We lost the account. And lose on the track, by the sum of all the times in which Brad Pitt he spoke of the divorce from Angelina Jolie (we write the year 2016), and this time the actor is amazed at us, talking about everything that happened after that. But not between him and his ex-wife, still between him and the children. But everything that’s happened between Brad and himself incoping with the break-up of the relationship: alcoholism, mistakes and consequences “miscellaneous”.

It’s been three years or more prior to the divorce Brangelinabut the chat aka interview with Antony Hopkins Brad Pitt for he knew, open the closet of Brad and out of the skeletons with delicate introspection. You speak of destiny, of cinema, of fate. Vice. The actor admits: now, finally, we can say that they are “fully sober” for a year and a half of the “alcoholics Anonymous” after the divorce from Angelina Jolie. And how alcoholism appears Brad Pitt today as a form of “shame yourself and escape from reality”, the actor, the 55-year-old also acknowledges that it was, in a way, he is a “must”. From the height of his experience and of his 81 years), the response to the routes of the fathers of Anthony Hopkins, dear friend Brad, it was in him that – Yes – he, too, had problems with alcohol and was a Saint. “So, you hugs, your error was Brad. – You say, “Yes, But, of, we, our weaknesses, and make a fool of yourself”. In spite of everything, there is beauty in this”.

brangelina divorce

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie immortalized in Hollywood, from a man and a woman, in a photo in 2015 (before the divorce in 2016).

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But speaking of weaknesses (which will make everything, except for the ridiculous), Brad Pitt one thing is very sure: “We are simple people,” he admits in his tête-à-tête with Anthony Hopkins. Way, any debt, Brad Pitt today is wiser and more zen than ever before: “it’s how you react after he made a mistake that really puts the person we are. We all make mistakes. But then, what is the next step?”, they demand l’ex-husband of Angelina Jolie. And how out of this divorce, it also came to destroy him, and everything that came after that (and after we want to the phase of alcoholism, ça va sans dire) is what he is, particularly “refreshing and interesting”. To the point of us a pearl of wisdom, the only one of its kind: “We are human beings, we want purpose, we want to have a meaning for our life. But to us this [scopo] we have two keys: stay creative and be surrounded by people that we love”. Well said.