Brawl between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj: video


The two rappers most famous in the world – Nicki Minaj and Cardi B – they came close to a brawl during theHarper’ Bazaar Icons partyan event that was held yesterday, September 7, at the Plaza Hotel in the context of the New York Fashion Week.

According to the reconstructions of the american website TMZ, Cardi B you would have gone to the table of Nicki Minaj to “have him explain the lies that are putting around”.

The bodyguard of the singer would, however, prevented approach, away in a bad way even with a nudgethat would have caused the bump that you can see by clicking here.


The situation would have soon degenerated, with Cardi B that would launched a shoe in the direction of Nicki Minaj, the absence of the target.

What happened after you see it – albeit not perfectly – in the two following videos shot with the smartphone.

To go on a rampage Cardi B, it would have been a “I Like” put by Nicki Minaj to a comment that questioned her ability to mother.

This summer, the singer I Like It she gave birth to her first daughter, Kulturethen , received from the rapper of the Migos, Offset.

This lor was posted by Cardi B after what had happened.

“I left to run too much mer*a! I have left that I insultassi subtly, that you told lies about me, that I tried to boycott my bags, I provocassi eating disorders! You have threatened other artists in the industry, saying that if they worked with me, you would have stopped supporting the band!

I left you spitting so much mer*on me! I came to talk to you in person once, two times, and each and every time you minimized! But if you decide to put in the middle of my daughter’s, put “I Like” on the comments on my ability to mother, to make comments on my ability to take care of her, then send everything to the devil!

I worked hard, I came too far to allow someone to affect my success!!! These bitches are harsh when rappano, but in real life are sissies! All of this is only entertainment!!”

By his hand, it seems that Nicki Minaj has not broken even a second during the whole scene of Cardi B.

Once finished the party, Nicki posted this video, as if to imply that she, from all this history, he emerges unscathed.

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For the full video of the brawl is touched you can look at this article from TMZ

(Video: Instagram/twitter)