Cardi B has discovered a way to grow instantly, your nails

That Cardi B had so many gifts it was not a mystery, but this time we surprised even us. In addition to singing, rapping, acting, and dance like a Goddess, the american rapper now he can get to grow your nails dramatically, instantly, at will.

It’s called Nails and is the new campaign set up (and foot) from Reebok, which involved the singer catapultandola in a beauty salon by the taste of the years ’80. Not an age to case, but one that dates back to the sneaker Club C today, unchanged, bearing simply the title of Vintage.

While he was speaking (obviously) of men with its neighboring helmet hair, Thistles note that one of the Reebok Club C is slacciata. So, in the most surreal of the spots that you will see this year, with nonchalance, the trapper lengthens his nails dramatically, to reach the laces that are readily knotted again, to the astonishment of all present.

The merit is of Nailed Itsupplement miraculous “promises” nails, which are substantially of the lianas, of the tentacles. It is only the last found an artist that has already astonished abundantly all and that it is therefore the perfect face for the Sport of The Unexpected, a campaign that has made the unexpected the pivotal point.

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