Cardi B has revealed how much he earns to participate in the festival and you will drop the jaw in front of the digits


14 July 2019

All you can say Cardi Bexcept that it is not always very honest about how things are.

Many have asked why they have not yet done the tour, the rapper has explained that should more participate in the festivalrather than embark on concerts, all his.

That’s why, let me explain this to you – wrote in a post on Instagram, then deleted it – Let’s say that if I did a tour and earn 600 thousand dollars a night, that sounds nice but let’s go inside the business of a tour. The production should be gigantand, since the fans pay figures gigantic. Therefore, to stage and production should I spend 450 thousand and maybe more in the eveninggiven that the Bardigang deserves every thing“.

And let’s not forget the outfit, the makeup and the hair. Com with 150 thousand in the evening. Why should I get a tour when I can go on tour with my second album, by participating in the festival? Money? Mmmm Maybe you think that’s stupid for my behavior but I love the money and I know how to make them. I hope I have answered the question“.

JustJared he has published the list of fees that Cardi B has earned or will earn for the participation in the festival in this summer. Hold on tight:

In the United States and Canada:

15/6/19 at the Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada – $ 300,000
16/6/19 at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee – $ 400,000
22/6/19 at the BET Experience in Los Angeles, California – $ 500,000
28/6/19 to the XO Cruise Miami, Florida – $ 350,000
20/7/19 to the Mid City State Fair-Paso Robles, California – $ 750,000
23/7/19 at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma – $ 450,000
26/7/19 to the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska – $ 450,000
27/7/19 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota – $ 450,000
30/7/19 at Bankers Life Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana – $ 450,000
31/7/19 at the John Paul Jones Arena Charlottesville, Virginia – $ 450,000
3/8/19 at the Veld Music Festival Toronto, Canada – $ 500,000

In Europe:

30/6/19 to Vestiville in Belgium – $ 750,000 more a private jet from the United States
2/7/19 in Norway – $ 400,000
3/7/19 at the Roskilde Dyrskueplads in Denmark – $ 750,000
5/7/19 Wireless UK, London, United Kingdom – $ 750,000
6/7/19 to the Wireless Frankfurt, Germany – $ 750,000
7/7/19 at Longitude Festival Dublin, Ireland – $ 750,000
11/7/19 of the Open Air Frauenfeld in Switzerland – 900.000 dollars

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