‘Cherry’: Tom Holland shines a disturbing look at the new film the brother Russo


What Marvel has joined together, let not divide anyone. That they had to think of Tom Holland and the brothers Russo to get to work in ‘Cherry’. The new film from Joe and Anthony Russo will take however in a way very different to that seen in the Movie Universe Marvel. This drama, an adaptation of the autobiography of Nico Walker, will tell the true story of a man absolutely out of himself because of drugs and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Tom Holland in 'Cherry'

To do this, Holland has been forced to give it a spin not only your registration but also your image. In November he surprised the world by sharing a photo from the shoot showing with a shaved head. Now, the Russo’s have been posted on Instagram a new image in the editing room where you can see the actor, this time with hair, but with a look very emaciated.

Dress with shirt and tie, Holland appears looking in the mirror with a face of few friends. Given that appears with the hair uncut, it is possible that the image belongs to the first part of the filmwith the protagonist right in the descent to the underworld, but before you suffer complete your transformation.

Do you trailer it to the view?

‘Cherry’ does not yet have a release date though it is expected that during this same year. For this reason, with the filming finished and the Russo immersed in post-production, it is possible that a first teaser do not is make you wait.

What is certain is that the film even has a distributor. Even so, the team hoped that it would not have any problem to find it. Because, in spite of being very far away from Marvel and its superheroes, the trio of actor and directors handle a good mass of fans who will become the potential audience of the tape. For now we will have to keep crossing off days on the calendar.