Confirmed: ‘The Simpsons’ will also be available on Disney+ Spain


Three weeks prior to the arrival of Disney+ to Spain, the official Twitter of the platform has confirmed that all the episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ will be available on the streaming page of the company, ending one of the questions that were of greatest concern to potential subscribers.

In the different ads on the catalog that will Disney+ on the landing to Europe (dated for the 24th of march) the animated series did not appear by any side. Until now.

In march 2019, the entertainment company The Walt Disney Company acquired 21st Century Fox. In addition to the film and television production studio of the company this implied that much of their content could begin to be seen in Disney+, the streaming platform that debuted in November in countries such as the united States or Canada. But, does that included ‘The Simpsons’ outside their borders, where there are signed agreements of emission different in each country?

'The Simpsons'

More than 600 chapters

Now we know that yes. The more than 600 episodes that make up the series when complete will be available for all users who subscribe to the platform, joining the expected original content as the series ‘The Mandalorian’ from ‘Star Wars’ or the upcoming premieres of Marvel to the small screen. Now we just need to wait until 24 march for the start of the marathon. I wish to implement a button “random” for not having to plan meal times.