Corellium: Design a castle of sand, it brings an Android to the iPhone


House of cards instead of a box of sand: The Florida-based Software company Corellium, who is currently being sued by Apple for your in virtual on the iOS devices has started with the Project ” house of cards, is an Open-source project, the Android and the iPhone brings you.

Project Sandcastle originated from the idea out of the Apple, and the isolation of the area from the safety of the children, to create New ones, and it is only limited by your imagination. Far from the poetic aim, and brings the Project Sandcastle, the bottom line is that the bulk of the Android and the Linux on the iPhone.

The practical Benefits of the Corellium to security researchers, with a Dual-Boot Option, and for the prevention of electronic waste. The Team is looking forward to the one that you can develop a community of developers with the Corellium is created in the database.

the iPhone 7 (and More) is supported

On this basis, it is currently limited to the two available versions for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The developers warn that the the Android to the iPhone, this is a Beta version for limited testing. To have any impact on the performance of the battery, its Performance or the impact on the other components of the smartphone are unknown. It must be deal with carefully in the Installation and use of the current Version. For example, Apple’s file system, APFS have now an experimental support for the writing and for reasons of security, only the read is possible. What are the Characteristics of the work, it is shown in the following table.

In these roles, the Project support of the house of cards that is currently
In these roles, the Project Sandcastle is currently support (this picture: Corellium)

Corellium provides Project-the castle of sand, such as Android and Linux to the Build, the source code is on GitHub. An official, as a simple guide it is not. Information about the project is available.

This is not the first Time an Android on an iPhone

This is not the first Time that the Corellium, co-founder, David Wang, and Chris Wade, to bring Android to the iPhone. Ten years ago, she was brought up to the operating system after more than a year of work on the first iPhone to Run on. Project Sandcastle is, however, arose within a month’s time.