Demi Lovato blames her relapse to excessive control of your computer


Demi Lovato has returned to the program of Ellen DeGeneres to talk about how you’re back to singing after his overdose. Ellen starts by saying that you just found out that all the previous times that Lovato has been on their show, the team took away all the food that had sugar in his dressing room. Lovato confesses that his previous team was excessively controller with your diet up to the point of removing the fruit of your hotel room.

This team did that kind of changes without Demi Lovato: “During these past years, I feel that I have lived a life that was not mine. I have had food problems that have gone after other problems, but I felt that my life was being controlled by a lot of people around me. If I had to stay in a hotel, they got the phone in my room so that I could not order food from room service and if you had fruit the drew because that was extra sugar”says the singer.

Demi Lovato

“For years I have not even had a birthday cake, had a tart watermelon: cut watermelon in the shape of a cake and put whipped cream without fat over it. This year when I turned 27, I have a new computer, Scooter Braun [el ex manager de Taylor Swift]my manager gave me the best cake. What I celebrated with Ariana Grande and we had a birthday great. It is dangerous to control the food of someone who is in recovery from an eating disorder”. Says that she was thrilled to be able to go back to eating cake and feeling supported and accepted by their manager. Lovato spent six years sober, but had a huge relapse in the abuse of alcohol and other substances that led to overdose.

“When I related to my eating disorder got worse with people checking my orders at Starbucks and my receipts from the bank, those small things made me very unhappy. My bulimia got worse and I asked for help but did not get the help he needed. I felt worse than when I drank, so I asked myself “why do I remain sober?”. I sent a message to my team then and I responded by saying “you’re being very selfish. This will ruin things not only for yourself but for us also””. Lovato says that this response made him feel abandoned and sparked negative thoughts about your problem abandonment by his father. “I drank and I went to a party where there were other things. This was three months before that ended in the hospital with an overdose. I have taken the decisions that have led me to this position that I am today”.

Back in the music and in the cinema

Demi Lovato has recovered from this horrible relapse and has returned to the stage. She announced in her Instagram “the next time you hear talk about me, I’ll be singing…” And so it was. We could see singing ‘Anyone’, a topic very visceral co-written by her, at the gala of the Grammy 2020. It was a return very emotional for her and for all attendees. He has also recently served as one of his dreams: to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. In his next single ‘I Love Me’ claimed that you do not need a partner, a boyfriend, or any substance to love himself. In the advancement that has been published we can see a small homage to his debut in ‘Camp Rock’.

Lovato has also promoted her upcoming movie ‘Eurovision’ in which she shared the cast with Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, Pierce Brosnan and Dan Stevens. The tape goes on the Eurovision contest, focused on two singers of Iceland have the opportunity to represent their country. It is expected that the film will premiere along this 2020 on Netflix.