Disney shifts release date for Covid-19 – white-space characters


According to the decision of Universal and MGM, the release date move in the spaces of the new movie of 007, No Time To The many analysts have wondered whether the other majors, and especially those of Disney, you would Covid the same measures due to the aggravation of the crisis of the epidemic-19.

Reported Deadlinemajor Mickey mouse would be determined at the time do not want to move the release date of Black Widow (1. may), the stand-alone film in the Marvel Studios to play the main role Scarlett Johanssonin the last few hours, rumors had indicated that Disney had moved the film to the heroine of the house of ideas, the up to 6. november, of is currently Marvel’s The Eternals, but the thing is, it was brusquely denied.

Of course there are a lot of concerns in relation to the Asian markets, particularly those in China and South Korea the most affected countries with the virus, and the markets of a major share of the revenue, the to the Marvel films.

Always reported by Deadline, that Warner Bros. intends, for the dates Scooby! 15. may and Wonder Woman 1984 for the 5. June.

Things change but may be after a thorough assessment of the situation of the world film in March, especially with the release of the animated film, the Pixar-Onward.